Fear destroys more dreams and aspirations than anything else in this world. It stops people from truly living their best lives and being fulfilled. The most frustrating part is fear isn’t even real, technically that is. The five core fears humans share are fear of abandonment, loss of identity, loss of meaning, loss of purpose, and fear of death, sickness, and pain. All the other fears are generated from these core 5 fears. The problem is to avoid these fears, people choose to stay in their comfort zone and that almost guarantees living a small life. I want you to live full-out and play BIG in life. Here is a process to say F_CK Fear and go get the life of your dreams.


The first step is to recognize that you have a fear or fears that are holding you back. Great news is that you are not alone, literally every human being also feels some fear every day. Now that you know it’s ok to possess these fears, let’s do something about it. Write down the fear that is holding you back in your career, relationships, health or whatever. By writing down the fear, you are now taking control of it. It’s not stuck in your head and creating havoc with your incredibly vivid imagination. Now it’s just some words on a piece of paper.


The definition of release is to “allow or enable to escape from confinement; set free”. We already released the fear from your body by writing it down and now we are going to release that fear from you completely. Take that piece of paper and burn it, shred it, or just tear it to pieces. My personal favorite is to burn it and watch that fear completely dissipate (fire is amazing) but I have seen clients personally rip that paper with a vigor and anger that is inspiring. The act of completely dominating your fear is different for everyone but there is a visceral feel when you find the right way for you. It feels amazing to show your fear who’s boss.


Now that we have shed the fear from ourselves, it’s time to act. The fears have been holding you back from the life of your dreams, let’s go get it. Ask yourself a few questions about what you need to do to obtain that life. What do I need to do differently? Do I need to learn something new? Do I need to change my mindset? Whatever the answer is, write it down. You should be feeling inspired and have a fire lit inside of you that no one can extinguish in the moment. We need to capture those thoughts and inspirations so that we act on them today and continue to do so until those dreams are reached.

This process may need to be done many times before that fear is ever completely gone. I wish I could tell you that releasing your fears into a ball of fire ensures that the fear stays away forever. For some that is the case but if you are like me, this is a system that I use to beat fear every time it shows up. Reaching your full potential means constantly being out of your comfort zone and that means new fears showing up. Use the 3 R system to say F_CK you Fear, you won’t beat me or keep me from living my best life.


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JM Ryerson founded and sold 3 businesses and is now helping leadership teams do the same. He is an Author, Leadership & Performance Coach, International Speaker, and host of the Let’s Go Win podcast who has been building companies and leading sales teams for over 20 years. JM is the co-founder and CEO of Let’s Go Win whose mission is to increase leadership, enhance culture, and help teams achieve peak performance. JM’s great passions are inspiring people to live their best lives and become open to what life has in store for them. His ultimate goal is to give others the tools that will allow them to transcend their self-limiting beliefs. JM was raised in Montana and lives in Boca Raton, Florida with his wife Lisa and their two amazing boys.