JM Ryerson's Morning Routine

Starting every day with a positive morning routine can have a profound impact on a person's overall well-being, productivity, and mindset.  Reduce stress levels, facilitate healing, and accelerate transformation. The perfect start to any day!

1.  Breathworkfor 11 mins

    Wim Hof is a great resource to start with


2.  Meditationfor 11 mins

     Insight Timer is a great free app to use


3.   Yoga for 11 mins

    7 poses for each chakra with a mantra andmusic called Solfeggio frequencies which you       canfind on Spotify or YouTube to reduce stress, increase focus, and provide more      confidence.

Hold each pose for 1:30 mins.

1. Garland Pose

I am safe and secure (Root) (396 Hz on Sunday)

2. WideAngle Seated Forward Bend Pose

I deserve to enjoy life (Sacral) (417 Hz on Monday)

3. Downward Facing Dog Pose

I am confident (Solar Plexus) (528 Hz on Tuesday)

4. Upward Salute Pose

I love myself and others (Heart) (639 Hz on Wednesday)

5. Cat/CowPose

I am fearless and free (Throat) (741 Hz on Thursday)

6. StandingForward Bend Pose

I trust my intuition (Third Eye) (144 Hz on Friday)

7. Lotus Pose

I am divine (Crown) (963 Hz on Saturday)