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My favorite subject to speak about, and my chosen profession in life, all centers around one word—that word is Mindset, and my passion in life is to help the world eradicate self-limiting beliefs through a variety of stories and mindset blogs. I try not to say the word hate as I don’t see any value in the word itself. However, when it comes to self-limiting beliefs, yep, I hate them. I read an anonymous quote that said, “Your life is as good as your mindset”. That is as succinct a way as I could ever put it and I agree wholeheartedly. I believe your Mindset is a choice, and though there are countless blogs about life lessons and how to apply positive changes, I want to focus on three short life lessons that I call Triple H.

Choose Happiness

We have choices that come at us non-stop throughout a day but far more in this area than any other. We are presented with a scenario, some good and some bad, leaving us with a decision to make. Are we going to choose happiness or are we going to be angry, sad, or any number of negative emotions? To be clear there are times to be sad and angry but for the sake of brevity the point is to choose happiness often. When the crossroads of life come, you have a choice to make, and your life will be much better when you choose happiness. It’s never going to be perfect but far more likely when you choose to be happy.

Choose Health

One of my personal mantras is “Health is Wealth”. I don’t care how much money or fame you have if you don’t have health. There are so many examples in the world where you see someone grind it out at work to the detriment of their personal health or relationships. Don’t get me wrong, succeeding in business is an amazing feeling and incredible accomplishment but isn’t worth a darn if you don’t have your health to enjoy the “fruits of your labor”. Make sure to take care of yourself daily by choosing to exercise and eat a healthy diet. Splurge when it’s time to but “choose health” 80% + of the time and you will be around to celebrate life for far longer and will enjoy the celebration that much more.

Choose Honesty

This isn’t a moral conversation but rather choosing to be honest with yourself about what you really want in life. I can’t remember the last time a week went by without someone saying, “I have to” stay in this job, relationship, city because it’s “what I have to do”. One of the most important lessons I hope to impart to anyone I coach, or influence is that it’s a choice. There are very few things in life that we absolutely must do. We have to eat, breathe, and sleep to stay above ground. The rest of our life is a product of our choices. Yes, there are repercussions if you quit a job you hate to do but there are repercussions if you choose not to as well. Choose to be honest with yourself and you will see how many options are open to you.

Utilize Triple H daily in your life and choose to be happy, healthy, and honest. You might just surprise yourself with how amazing your life can be when you choose differently and learn from those who have shared their own inspirational life lessons. Peter Diamandis once said, “Your mindset matters. It affects everything – from the business and investment decisions you make, to the way you raise your children, to your stress levels and overall well-being”. In closing, I want you to give yourself the freedom to choose for you and your loved ones because your Mindset Matters.

– JM Ryerson

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JM Ryerson founded and sold 3 businesses and is now helping leadership teams do the same. He is an Author, Leadership & Performance Coach, International Speaker, and host of the Let’s Go Win podcast who has been building companies and leading sales teams for over 20 years. JM is the co-founder and CEO of Let’s Go Win whose mission is to increase leadership, enhance culture, and help teams achieve peak performance. JM’s great passions are inspiring people to live their best lives and become open to what life has in store for them. His ultimate goal is to give others the tools that will allow them to transcend their self-limiting beliefs. JM was raised in Montana and lives in Boca Raton, Florida with his wife Lisa and their two amazing boys.