What Story Are You Telling Yourself?

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Inspirational Blogs About Life: What Story Are You Telling Yourself?

There’s a reason that so many individuals search for inspirational blogs about life. Sometimes we need to be reminded that we get to choose our story every single day, regardless of our past. What story are you telling yourself? Is it supporting you? Is it hurting you? I ask my kids every night before they go to bed, “Are you a leader?”. Once they answer yes, they follow up with their daily affirmation. “I’m confident, strong, intelligent, athletic, good looking, dynamic, popular, talented, independent boy/man with a growth mindset”. If I could rewind time, I would have made it shorter, but the idea was to infuse these ideas subconsciously so when the world told them they weren’t these things, they knew otherwise. Here are three questions you should ask yourself daily to ensure your story is allowing you to live your best life.

Is this story true?

On average we have around 60,000 thoughts going through our head every day. Some of those thoughts are positive and some are negative. Unfortunately, the negative ones tend to stick more than the positive ones do. Think of news reporting, is it uplifting news that is led with or is it headline grabbing titles such as murder, pandemic, and stock crashes? If you ever turn on the news, we all know it’s the latter. Fortunately, you have control of your mind’s remote control, so when that negative thought plays in your “Mind’s Eye”, ask yourself is it true? Asking yourself will ensure that just because it wants to stick, doesn’t mean it’s true.

Does this story help me?

We have all been labeled and labeled ourselves with titles. “I’m confident”, “I’m shy”, “I’m self-conscious”, and the list goes on. These labels and stories have made it easy to put us in certain boxes to know where we fit in. The question I want you to ask yourself is, “Does this story help me?”. Even if you have been shy for most of your life, you can choose to be the most outgoing person the next day. It’s your choice either way but the point is to make sure the story you tell yourself is helping you achieve your goals and dreams.

What do I want my story to be?

If you are accomplishing everything you ever wanted, then disregard this paragraph altogether because you are telling yourself the correct story. If not, then let’s get clarity on where we are heading. Before you can ever obtain your dream, you must already visualize that success many times. You must see it and feel it in your mind to know where you are headed. In the 2016 Olympics, Michael Phelps who owned the 200 Meter Butterfly race for years and was supposed to breeze through the race. As soon as he dove in, his goggles broke and filled with water. He had to swim essentially blind for the entire race. Michael won the gold even with that setback because he had swum the race thousands of times in his mind and knew he would win regardless of the mishap. Is your story clear on where you are headed? Does the verbiage support the inevitability of it happening?

Personal Blogs About Life

We love to tell campfire stories, tales of our friends in college, and every movie we watch is a story unfolding on camera. I want you to take stock in your own personal stories. You are the writer, director, and narrator of your stories. That means you have full control of what the story is telling you and the rest of the world. I believe you can accomplish everything you want in life, but it begins with what story you are telling yourself. Be kind, be clear, be your best story today! I encourage you to read as many personal journey blogs and personal life story blogs as possible, because stories are how we communicate with the world.

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– JM Ryerson


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