People Remember How You Made Them Feel

The famous quote by Maya Angelou is “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” In this busy world we live in, with information constantly bombarding us via the various electronics we all use daily, the small things matter. In business we are constantly seeking how to differentiate ourselves from our competition so we stand out. Here are three ways that we can show those we love and appreciate, how we are genuinely grateful to have them in our lives.

Write a Handwritten Note

We all use text, email, and social media DMs to communicate our electronic love for our friends and family daily. In fact, there is a like and heart button that you can press on any social media app to make sure they know you like their content. Taking the time to go buy a card and/or write out a handwritten note is the original social media. It shows that person you are willing to go the extra mile for them. Often you will see these notes proudly displayed in their home or office for all to see, many years later.

Spend Quality Time

Time is our most valuable asset. How often do we take that for granted? Rushing around from errand to errand dealing with the never-ending task list. My most prized memories are never of gifts or even places visited but rather of who I was with when those memories were created. Our time on this planet is limited and finite, so let’s make it count while we are here. Giving 100% attention to those loved ones for 30 minutes goes so much further than 5 hours of being in the same room while multitasking on our phone, with TV on in the background, and thinking about tomorrow’s list of to-dos.

Give a Bear Hug

If you ever watch a 5-year-old give a hug, there is no holding back. Their arms are fully open, and they squeeze like it’s the last hug they are ever going to give. That is the bear hug that we should be giving to our loved ones. Obviously not everyone is a fan of physical touch so play to your audience but for those that appreciate hugs, don’t hold back! A hug has been shown to lower blood pressure because your body releases oxytocin, which scientists call the “cuddle hormone”. Hugs are good for your heart, so let your inner 5-year-old out next time you go in for that bro hug.

Some people go above and beyond and have affected others deeply. Let’s remember to show that extra love and appreciation to those that have made our lives significantly better. I know that I can personally work on doing a better job of this. To those that I have not done a great job of, look for a handwritten note, some QT, or a bear hug coming your way soon. This quote perfectly summarized the fact that slowing down is the key to making our loved ones feel the way we want them to. “Love requires you to be physically and emotionally present. It also requires that you slow down”. -Barbara Fredrickson


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