Leadership Tactics for Success

In this episode of the Let's Go Win podcast, we talk about leadership and how you can improve your skills to become a more effective leader. We have an expert, Coach Karan Rhodes, who specializes in leadership strategy coaching. She shares some amazing tips and tactics that will help you deliver compelling influence, differentiate your impact, and execute big, bold initiatives. We will discuss the seven critical leadership execution tactics that her firm researched, and how you can apply them to achieve lasting results in your leadership journey.

Leadership: A Passion for Making an Impact

Coach Karan's passion for leadership began at a young age. Growing up, she was always fascinated by what made people successful and how they influenced others. Her role model was her father, who had a group of colleagues that were renowned in their small town for their impact and influence. This early exposure to leadership inspired Karan to dive deeper into the field and understand the science behind it.

The Definition of Leadership

When discussing leadership, Coach Karan agrees with John Maxwell's definition: "Leadership is influence." Leadership is all about facilitating and influencing others to take a certain course of action. It requires the ability to convince and inspire others to follow your lead. In order to be a successful leader, you must have the intellectual horsepower to bring new ideas to the table and catch trends that others may have missed.

Pitfalls to Avoid in Leadership

Coach Karen has observed several common pitfalls that leaders should avoid. One major pitfall is a lack of collaboration. Leaders who do not collaborate well with their team or stakeholders set themselves up for failure. Collaboration involves listening, understanding feedback, and recognizing the strengths and gifts of others.

Another pitfall is the belief that leaders need to have all the answers. No leader knows everything, and it is important to be humble and willing to say, "I don't know."

The Seven Critical Leadership Execution Tactics

Coach Karan's firm conducted extensive research and identified seven critical leadership execution tactics that are applicable to leaders at any career stage or job function:

1. Leading with intellectual horsepower

2. Leading with courageous agility

3. Leading with a drive for results

4. Leading with executive presence

5. Leading with strategic decision-making

6. Leading with entrepreneurship

7. Leading with stakeholder savvy

Each of these tactics plays a crucial role in effective leadership. While all seven are equally important, leaders may need to focus on specific tactics depending on the situation they are facing.

1. Leading with Intellectual Horsepower

Leading with intellectual horsepower involves using your knowledge and expertise to bring new ideas to the table and identify trends that others may have missed. It is about providing additional value to your team or organization through your expertise.

2. Leading with Courageous Agility

Leading with courageous agility requires the courage and fortitude to take steps forward even in the face of uncertainty. It is about being willing to make decisions and take action, even if the future is unclear.

3. Leading with a Drive for Results

Leading with a drive for results means staying focused on your goals and being tenacious in achieving them. It is about not wavering in your commitment to achieving the desired outcomes.

4. Leading with Executive Presence

Leading with executive presence is about making informed and convincing presentations to influence others to follow your lead. It is about presenting a compelling case and inspiring others to take action.

5. Leading with Strategic Decision-Making

Leading with strategic decision-making involves making critical decisions for your team or organization. It is about being able to make informed decisions and lead a decision-making process with others.

6. Leading with Entrepreneurship

Leading with entrepreneurship is about continuously improving products, processes, and services. It is about having an eye for innovation and reinvention.

7. Leading with Stakeholder Savvy

Leading with stakeholder savvy is about building win-win connections with others. It is about being able to understand and connect with key stakeholders in a variety of situations.

Applying the Seven Tactics for Success

Applying these seven tactics requires reflection and intentional action. Coach Karan suggests taking a few moments each day to review the tactics and identify how you can apply them in your current leadership initiatives. By taking small steps and continuously improving, you can become a more successful leader.

Continuing Your Leadership Development

To dive deeper into these tactics and learn how to apply them in your leadership journey, Coach Karan has written a book called "Lead at the Top of Your Game." In the book, she provides real-world examples and practical tips for building a strong leadership brand, delivering compelling influence, and making a lasting impact.

Additionally, her firm offers a signature leadership development program that includes peer groups, workshops, and coaching to help individuals refine their leadership skills and execute their leadership projects.


Leadership is a journey of continuous improvement. By understanding and applying the seven critical leadership execution tactics, you can become a more effective and successful leader. Remember, no leader is perfect, but by focusing on these tactics and staying committed to your personal and professional growth, you can make a lasting impact in your organization and achieve your leadership goals.

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